Hatfield Family Genealogy

Hatfield Family Genealogy

My Hatfields are not the infamous ones from the Hatfield and McCoy days. Well, at least my direct Hatfield ancestors never were in West Virginia, even just in passing. I did find it amusing to realize that Anderson “Devil Anse” Hatfield IS a distant relative, however. His great-grandfather and my sixth great-grandfather were brothers. So it’s kind of neat to connect with history through family…even if this particular family is mostly known for never letting go of a grudge.

At any rate, the connection is so far back, I doubt my family would have claimed kinship with the West Virginia Hatfields, except through some distant relative.

My most recent Hatfield (closest to me in ancestry) is Nancy Ann Hatfield, who was born in 1834 in Mulberry Gap, Tennessee. Doesn’t Mulberry Gap just sound adorable? A gap is literally a gap in the mountains that allows easier travel through the pass. Probably the most famous gap in America, which allowed frontier settlers from Virginia to stream through into Tennessee, Kentucky, and onwards in search of more land and better crops, is the Cumberland Gap, cleared originally for the purposes of through traffic by Daniel Boone.

So Nancy was born in 1834, and married Oliver H. Stanley. She died in Pilot Rock, Oregon, in 1875.

Nancy’s parents were Moses Hatfield and Rebecca Warrick. Moses was born in 1811 in Lee County, Virginia. He and Rebecca married in Tennessee. After Rebecca died, he packed up the kids and moved to Decatur County, Iowa, where he met and married his second wife. They then moved on to Schuyler County, Missouri, where Moses died in 1901.

Moses’s parents were Abner Hatfield and Mary “Polly” Yeary. Abner was born in 1781 in Washington County, Virginia. He and Mary married about 1801 in Lee County, Virginia. They moved to Mulberry Gap, Tennessee, where Mary died. Abner fought in the War of 1812, and later died in 1866, Mulberry Gap.

Abner’s parents were George Goff Hatfield, Jr. and Sarah Ann. Sarah does not have a proven maiden name at this time. George was born in 1752 in Lee County, Virginia. He and Sarah married about 1772. George died in 1810 in Lee County, Virginia.

George’s parents were George Goff Hatfield, Sr. and Margaret Winas. George was born in 1715, Virginia. I do not have death dates for George or his wife. George Goff Hatfield senior is the common ancestor I have with the Hatfield family that fought in the long-running feud with the McCoy family.

I do enjoy stating that my relatives were Hatfields. When people say, really? I respond with, yes, I’m not a real McCoy. Ha!


6 thoughts on “Hatfield Family Genealogy

  1. your Nancy Hatfield was my great great grandmother. One of her daughters LewAnn
    Stanley married my mothers grandfather John F. Perry.

      1. Stove, did you ever get my email? Looking forward to comparing notes…my grandma told me years ago you were into genealogy, but I had no contact info for you. Have you done the DNA test thru Ancestry?

        Looking forward to hearing from you!

  2. I’m looking for the parents of Judith Hatfield b. ca 1775 VA and died in Butler KY – married George Evans. Any help appreciated.

    1. Hi Julie. I have not personally run across these particular folks, but I will recheck my info and let you know if I find anything. Meanwhile, future Hatfields may read this and have a connection, themselves. I’ve seen that happen in some other family lines. Good luck to you!

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