Preparing for the Road, V

One of the most important categories when planning for any sort of excursion, short or long, is reading material.

I usually take advantage of the extra relaxation time to catch up on magazines. Yep, magazines. I subscribe to several, and the numbers regularly get away from me. I take a writing zine, a few aimed at historical coverage, and some that are very focused on a particular topic. This allows me to do some writing research while on a mostly genealogical road trip. The best part is that as we go along, I can toss them out as read. So even though I give up space on the front end, I gain it back over time. Of course, this vanquishing of the stacks is strictly temporary…when I return, I’ll have a fresh stack waiting for me with the mail. Sigh.

I also bring along a huge stack of books. Way more than I can possibly read during the trip. But this not only gives me a wide selection in choice, but I also always end up reading far more books than I think Is likely.


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