Robert Burns’ Hometown (Alloway) – Part 3

The Robert Burns Monument and Memorial Gardens are located in the village of Alloway, in western Ayrshire.

It is in a prominent position, overlooking the village on one side, and the River Doon on the other.

It is worthwhile walking up the steps to the Monument itself, for the views, and of course, great details of Burns, himself.








Robert Burns’ Hometown (Alloway) – Part 2

Alloway, the hometown of poet Robert Burns, has several prominent fixtures within this sweet and quiet town.

My personal favorite, however, is the Bridge of Doon, or Brig o’ Doon.

It’s literally an old bridge over the River Doon, but it is in such a gorgeous setting, over a beautiful river, in sight of a gentle village, and below the Robert Burns Monument, it is just a wonderful piece of historic beauty.

This is our third visit to this particular bridge. We’ve brought family with us to see it, and stopped to enjoy it on our own. There’s just something about it.

View from the near side.


View from the front.


Off one side of the bridge.


Off the other side.


View from the far side of the bridge.


This bridge is the one featured in Robert Burns’ poem, Tam o’ Shanter. Lots of character, and plenty of charm!

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Robert Burns’ Hometown (Alloway) – Part 1

Alloway is a sweet villageĀ on the southwestern side of the Scottish Mainland. Its principal attractions are the birthplace of Robert Burns (Burns Cottage), The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, the Robert Burns Monument, and the Bridge of Doon (aka Brig O’ Doon). It is now considered a suburb of Ayr, but it still holds a great deal of charm, as a small village will do.

First up: Burns Cottage



The cottage is worth seeing at the least from the outside, as it is very well restored, and let’s face it, you can’t see too many thatched roofs. The inside is interesting, but not very revealing. Still, it IS the birthplace of Robert Burns, so if you get the chance, you should take the opportunity.

This is true Robert Burns Territory.

The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum is a great museum, but also the only place in Ayrshire to buy good Robert Burns souvenirs. And let’s face it: we all need bookmarks, glassware, scarves, books, and other great stuff with Robert Burns’ name, visage, and/or quotes on them. Shops in Ayr, and other locations in the surrounding area will have plenty of Scottish things, just not Robert Burns things, in particular.

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