I love reading, writing, and travel, sometimes even at the same time.
I am a self-professed student of genealogy and history.
My favorite authors are: Mark Twain, O. Henry, Shakespeare, Edward Rutherfurd, James Michener, Diana Gabaldon, and J.K. Rowling.
I create adventure, magic, and humor, sometimes even in my writing.
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13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello cousin ! I found your Hatfield blog tonight .I also go back to Abner Hatfield .Loved your story ! Thanks

  2. Hello, Laura, I ran into your page on Mullis Family Genealogy. My name is Clinton L. Blue. My great grandmother’s birth mother was a Mullis. Some researchers believe that her mother’s first name was Elizabeth. I have tried for years to find which Mullis line they may be descended from without any success…just by chance, I thought that perhaps you could help me…or that perhaps that someone reading your pages might be able to help. Thanks for your posts, I would like to read every one of them, Clint

  3. Well, since we both have Mullis ancestry, we just might be cousins. Somewhere in my unofficial file, I have William Dukil Mullis’ ancestry back into England. From England all points point toward Denmark.

    1. That would be interesting to learn what you have found when you run across it again… the Mullis name seems to be unusual enough that any by that name may be at least distant cousins. Where did your great-grandmother’s mother end up?

  4. In one genealogy of our family, the assumed great great grandmother was listed as having been born in Choctaw County, Mississippi, in 1839. I can find no other information about her and I do not know the person or persons who posted the info. Three consecutive court houses were burned down in that area of Mississippi in that age and few county records remain. Various factions were vying for political and monetary power so conditions grew rather bad. I will keep researching and will keep you posted. Might take some time. I followed Dukel Mullis’ family line because they were the only Mullis family that I could find in that general area. Clint

  5. Laura, you can access that genealogy I mentioned at ancestry.com. Type in Elizabeth Mullis born 1839 in Choctaw County, Mississippi, and the program will take you to the site. Bryant Britt is listed as her husband. That is an error. They were never married. Laurena Caldwell was Bryant’s wife. He was her second husband. When I was nine years old, I asked my Great Uncle Tommy Blankenship what his mother’s last name was. He replied, “Mullis”. His wife, to set the record straight, replied, “She was a Britt!”. All other relatives in the room had become deathly quiet and all eyes were on me, so I asked no more questions, however, I now wish that I hadn’t felt a bit of fear and had followed up on my question. I might add that I am now 76 years old and still puzzled. đŸ™‚

    1. Sorry for the slow response…yes, I understand all about frustrating family members unwilling to share specific details…all the more frustrating because obviously so many members already knew about the situation, anyway! Ha! I will definitely check out the information on Elizabeth Mullis. Thank you!

  6. Hello cousin. Yoyr Eliza Jane Gilliland was older sister to my William Henry Gilliland. Nice to find another distant relative. Keep writing.

  7. Sorry for the long break…I’ve had other readers inquire, as well. I’ve got a lot on my plate, but I am hoping to return to genealogy research and blog posts this fall.

    Thank you for your continued interest…I have enjoyed keeping up with your posts!

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