Kintyre of Scotland

Kintyre is a narrow peninsula in western Scotland. Its principal city is Campbeltown. To be honest, we wouldn’t have normally chosen to go to Campbeltown, but we still had some time before we had to fly back home, and so we were looking for places to drive to. We had visited Mull, Iona, and Skye on a previous trip, so decided to drive down Kintyre.

A storm was coming in that night, so we were able to see some dramatic tidal action.








All in all, it was a very pleasant drive, and nice to view a section of Scotland, previously unseen. If we had it to do over again, we definitely would choose to do it, again. A perfectly lovely experience.

2 thoughts on “Kintyre of Scotland

  1. Sweet place! Campbeltown appears to be younger than some of the other places you have visited and perhaps the buildings a little less ornate. Is that the case or only an illusion?

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