Chilean Stew

My family has a connection to Chile through my grandfather. Although of Dutch ancestry, he (and several of his siblings) were born in Chile, and grew up there with a mixture of experiences, both good and bad.

One thing that has come down in the family (on his side, at least) is the recipe for Chilean stew. This stew is not remarkable. It’s very basic, easy to make, and is fairly cheap in terms of ingredients.

But it has remained a staple and a very warm memory from our collective childhoods (those of the children and grandchildren).

Chilean Stew

2 pounds of stew meat.
Three potatoes.
One stalk of celery.
One yellow onion.
Cumin powder, salt, and pepper.

Cook the meat, first. If you do this while chopping up the vegetables, the timing will be about right.

Chop the vegetables into about one inch pieces. The stew meat should be in one inch pieces, also.

Use the seasonings on the meat as it is cooking.

The stew works best if cooked as slow as possible. If you have a slow cooker, that would be ideal.

If not, toss it all in a dutch oven and let it sit over a very low setting.

When the onions have cooked clear and the potatoes are soft, it’s done.

Again, this is not a gourmet meal. But when it is done, you will have a filling, inexpensive, reasonably healthy repast.


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