Brick Wall of the Month: Hezekiah Collins

My Brick Wall for the month of September is Hezekiah Collins.

I feel like I have known of Hezekiah for a very long time. I know a great deal about him, but not as much as I would like to.

Hezekiah was born in 1810, in Virginia. He married Sarah Jane Wood, born 1813, in Albemarle County, Virginia, in 1832. They had 6 children together, including my great-great grandfather, Zachariah Collins, born in 1849 in Ohio.

Hezekiah and Sarah moved from Ohio to Illinois sometime between 1850 and 1860. Between 1860 and 1870, they traveled to Oregon by wagon train. Hezekiah was the wagon master.

Hezekiah worked as a farmer in Virginia, Ohio, and Illinois, but was a hotel keeper in Oregon.

He died in 1884, but there is no record of his burial. He is not buried beside his wife, who died in 1891.

I would like to know where he is buried, of course, but I would also like to have a better picture of Hezekiah back in Virginia. Who were his parents? Who were his siblings? The popular opinion (most of the public trees that list Hezekiah) is that his parents are George Collins and Mary “Polly” Owens. And maybe they are. I would like evidence of this, though. The public trees also list three sons: Hezekiah, born 1810, Lemuel, born 1812, and Manley, born 1814.

Now, both her paternal grandparents (Hezekiah and Sarah) died before my great-grandmother was born, so she never knew them. But she knew bits and pieces regarding the family, and one of the things she wrote down was that Hezekiah had a twin brother, Malachi. Maybe this isn’t true, or maybe the twin died early on, but it’s frustrating when you have a piece of information that doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere.

I am looking for proof linking Hezekiah to his parents, but I would also love to find information on his lost brother, Malachi.

Gardenhire Family Genealogy II

This is an update to the post, Gardenhire Family Genealogy I, published on April 19, 2013. When I figure out how to link to the first post, I will do so here.

This is information we were able to gather from visiting the Overton County, Tennessee area during the summer of 2013.

We have a copy of the transcribed statement of Erasmus Lee Gardenhire, brother of Elmira Gardenhire, son of Adam Gardenhire and Ailsa Tippett, and grandson of Erasmus Tippett and Jacob Gardenhire.

In this formal statement, Erasmus states that both grandfathers were Revolutionary War patriots. He also references both of his grandmothers, Lucy Bierling, and the other unnamed by him, but her name was Margaret Thompson.

We also have a copy of the handwritten receipt resulting from the estate of Erasmus Tippett, one beneficiary being Adam Gardenhire, of $12, presumably because his wife, Ailsa, was not allowed to inherit personally, being female.

We found a copy of the handwritten Overton County Locator Records, which records the accumulation of land by Adam Gardenhire.

The History of Overton County, Tennessee has a brief blurb regarding the move of the Gardenhire family from Virginia to Tennessee.

All told, this was a very fruitful gathering of information on the Gardenhire Family.

Fletcher Family Genealogy II

This is an update to the post Fletcher Family Genealogy I, published on April 13, 2013. When I figure out how to link to the first post, I will do so here.

This is information I was able to gather from visiting the Wilson County, Tennessee area during the summer of 2013.

What I’m looking for is more information on Reziah Fletcher and Lavinia Pinkston.

Circumstantial evidence suggests that they married about 1853, probably in Coffee County, Tennessee.

I would like proof.

What I found this last summer was a reference in a book of Tennessee Marriages that a Rezi Fletcher had obtained a marriage license to marry Abigail Meyers in 1861 (February 22, to be exact).

Now this reference is on as well. It’s getting harder and harder to stay ahead of the curve. Before too much longer, it will be easier to research at home than to hit the road!

I knew Reziah and Lavinia had had four children, and Lavinia had died in 1861, when the children were very small. I also knew Reziah had remarried quickly to Abigail, and they had several children, as well.

What I am hoping to find is the hard link between Reziah and Lavinia, and then link Reziah to his father, Elijah Fletcher.

Please message me if you are researching these folks, as well.

Edinburgh Tattoo

I have waited many years before schedules worked out to see the Tattoo. For those unfamiliar, the Tattoo is a gathering of pipes, drums, and dancing from all the nations around the world who are part of the Commonwealth of Great Britain.

Though the following are not great photos, it may show an overview of the presentation.
image image image

The pageantry did not disappoint, and I was super glad for the opportunity… I loved every minute!