Gardenhire Family Genealogy II

This is an update to the post, Gardenhire Family Genealogy I, published on April 19, 2013. When I figure out how to link to the first post, I will do so here.

This is information we were able to gather from visiting the Overton County, Tennessee area during the summer of 2013.

We have a copy of the transcribed statement of Erasmus Lee Gardenhire, brother of Elmira Gardenhire, son of Adam Gardenhire and Ailsa Tippett, and grandson of Erasmus Tippett and Jacob Gardenhire.

In this formal statement, Erasmus states that both grandfathers were Revolutionary War patriots. He also references both of his grandmothers, Lucy Bierling, and the other unnamed by him, but her name was Margaret Thompson.

We also have a copy of the handwritten receipt resulting from the estate of Erasmus Tippett, one beneficiary being Adam Gardenhire, of $12, presumably because his wife, Ailsa, was not allowed to inherit personally, being female.

We found a copy of the handwritten Overton County Locator Records, which records the accumulation of land by Adam Gardenhire.

The History of Overton County, Tennessee has a brief blurb regarding the move of the Gardenhire family from Virginia to Tennessee.

All told, this was a very fruitful gathering of information on the Gardenhire Family.

4 thoughts on “Gardenhire Family Genealogy II

  1. I’m a gardenhire who comes from Adam gardenhire, my grandpa talks about him being my grandfather’s dad’s dad. They said he was a moonshiner, there is another gardenhire who was a governor I believe in oklahoma who I also believe either had a college named after him, or was a Co-founder of college. What’s your interest in gardenhires?

  2. My brother was named Jacob William grandpa after my grandpa’s dad? Or maybe grandpa I’m not sure. And my family on the gardenhire side “Sandie gates-gardenhire) has pictures of Jacob William gardenhire. As well as linda gardenhire who is the sister to my grandfather she has far more information of Jacob gardenhire

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