Dalemain Estate, Lake District, England

How do I describe Dalemain? For us, it was one of those serendipitous moments that we will never forget. We were still in England, though headed back to Scotland, and we were still in the Lake District. Travel Buddy mentioned that she would love to stop for some tea. Great idea, I said, except we are clearly way out in the country, and won’t be near a town of any size for quite some time. We’ll find a place, she said. Followed the road around the bend, and there it was: a sign advertising tea and scones!

We pulled off, and discovered Dalemain Estate, an incredible place that has been in the same family for eleven generations! Despite a few vehicles in the carpark, we were startled to discover we were the only visitors at that time, and so settled in the Medieval Hall for our tea and scones. Before long, they arranged for Our Bob to come in and light a fire in the massive old fireplace for us, which we thoroughly enjoyed all to ourselves!

Inside the Medieval Hall Tearoom:




Outside, views of the stables, shop, and outbuildings:






Looking back at the estate, as we were leaving:


What an amazing treat, and completely random. Such a great find.


One thought on “Dalemain Estate, Lake District, England

  1. What a truly memorable, perhaps dreamlike, experience! And yet…remembering traveling with you in Scotland, everything seems so clear, somehow ‘close’, more real than real….and at once, impossibly perfect and pristine and clean!

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