Betws-y-Coed, Wales

We had a wonderful opportunity to stay at an inn in Snowdonia, the section of Wales that hosts skiers in the wintertime. Tucked into the Conwy Valley, where three rivers come together, is Betws-y-Coed (roughly pronounced: bet-us-eh-ked), an absolutely charming and beautiful mountain village.


The accommodations we chose was the Pont-y-Pair Inn at the village end of the Pont-y-Pair Bridge, which is positioned over the Pont-y-Pair Falls. (Catching the theme, here?) It was in short distance of other restaurants, many shops, and easy walking paths, which we took full advantage of.




It all started when I wanted to eat dinner at a carvery, where they have several meats for you to choose from, sort of like a buffet, but the meats are really tasty and well-prepared. The only place in town that was serving this type of meal was the Pont-y-Pair Inn. So we ate, and realized they had rooms available, and so decided to stay. The breakfast was every bit as delicious as the dinner the night before.





Welsh for soup and sandwich.

The village itself was just adorable, with largely 19th century buildings. It would be fun to come back in the wintertime, just to experience the same in snow.


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