Scarborough, England: Part I – The Town

Scarborough is one of those truly out-of-the-way places that I have wanted to visit for awhile, mostly due to the song, “Scarborough Faire,” and the fact that my paternal grandmother’s name was Scarborough.

But it is located on the coast of England, in North Yorkshire, not on the road to anything in particular, and it just seemed too remote for us to travel to for some time.

Then we found ourselves with some extra days to take a road trip through part of England, and Scarborough was suddenly on our itinerary!

We had done no research ahead of time, preferring to discover the area as we went. We were absolutely unprepared for what we found.

For one thing, we had no idea this was a seaside resort, with shops and views of the fishing boats and wonderful details from several different eras in all directions.




Plenty of historic buildings at every turn. This next building I only saw because I had walked down the street to get a better look at something else. But on my way back, I spotted this:



The newer section of town was very eye-appealing, too.



Great views in every direction:



Also, evidence of a good sense of humor:


Next up: Scarborough, Part II – The Castle
Also: Scarborough, Part III – The Sea
and Scarborough, Part IV – The Grand Hotel.





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