Restenneth Priory

Restenneth Priory was one of those lucky and quite accidental finds. We were in the Forfar area to do genealogy, and came across the site, and naturally stopped to explore.

The Tower was built back in the 1100s. Yeah, that’s not a typo. 1100s. Crazy, huh?



The above sign is so the cattle wouldn’t get out.



The rest of what’s left dates from the 1200s, and was absolutely fascinating. Though much of the stonework has moved on (no doubt to assist in building more recent homes, barns, etc.) what is left is mesmerizing and enthralling.





Isn’t this plaque interesting?






I don’t know what it was about this place, but I just loved how peaceful it felt.


One thought on “Restenneth Priory

  1. Jaw droppingly beautiful! So lovely that you were able to experience the Silence, the Peace there. Thank you for sharing every single bit of this! It is easy to understand its catching your attention. 🙂

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