The Orkneys, part III – The Ring of Brodgar (or the Standing Stones of Stenness)

Standing stones, in circles or not, exist in several areas in England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. They are really something to see, standing in silence through the ages. We have thoroughly enjoyed every site we have visited so far, but the Ring of Brodgar is arguably one of the better known sites after Stonehenge.





The background was just perfect for seeing these stones. The afternoon fog was already rolling in, but we still had plenty of light.

The picture below is a close-up of the 4th rock in the second photo above. (Got all that?) You can see it is splitting in that line up. This is a better view of what’s happening. The split has already occurred with several others. Spending time in this harsh climate for hundreds of years…gonna take a toll on anything. Even rocks.


Amazingly, we were not only allowed to walk among the stones, but we could touch them, feeling their strength, much like people used to be permitted to do at Stonehenge, back in the day.

Here are two pictures of the same stone from different angles.



Lastly, here are three up close photos of stone surfaces. It’s interesting to see the details of the rock…and the old graffiti. You can see initials and a date, 1839. I wasn’t expecting that at all!





Somehow, it felt safe and secure seeing these huge pillars of stone still standing through all this time. Some things really are timeless.


4 thoughts on “The Orkneys, part III – The Ring of Brodgar (or the Standing Stones of Stenness)

  1. OMGosh! What wonder! …had no idea of the standing stones throughout the Empire. It IS Awe-inspiring and, as you say, does offer sense of Timelessness.
    Unthinkable, the markings and the date….. Do you presume the date is ‘for real’? In your travels, has it been common, or even occasional, to see century(s) old date(s) marked at sites? Stunning……

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