The Orkneys, part I

We have been looking forward to visiting the Orkneys since our very first trip to Scotland.

It’s a matter of balancing money, time, and the distance to drive away up to the tippy-top of the Highlands, the furthest North of the whole of mainland Great Britain: John O’Groats.

Signpost at John O'Groats

Signpost at John O’Groats

The ferry wasn’t that large, and the trek wasn’t that far.

Ferry to the Orkneys

Ferry to the Orkneys

Lobster traps on Orkney

Lobster traps on Orkney

Beach at Skara Brae

To be honest, there were two places in particular we wanted to hit: the stone age settlement of Skara Brae (uncovered unexpectedly during a storm) and the Ring of Brodgar (or the Standing Stones of Stenness.)

Well, and try the two Orkney scotches: the Highland Park, and the Scapa.

We hit it all.

Second post will cover Skara Brae, and third post will have pictures of the Ring of Brodgar.


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