Please Stand By….


We all get busy in our lives. Things happen we fully expected would happen. Things happen we didn’t expect to happen. And things don’t happen that we really thought would happen.

I dunno. I have no idea what happened, really. 2015 took off with a bang, and somehow I was left standing on the curb wondering where the time went. I mean, it’s July. Really? July?! My last post was in February! And I was playing catch-up even back then!

Actually, I do know what happened. At least in part. I rediscovered books. No, no seriously. That’s really what happened. I found out about Kindle Unlimited, and…my world shrunk to the size of an I-pad. Yup. That’s what happened. See, when I was a kid, I read all the time. All. The. Time. And sometimes I was reading up to four books at once. Well, not literally the same moment. I don’t have enough hands. But you know what I mean. But when I grew up, my reading fell further and further back, and eventually…I wasn’t reading at all. Not magazines. Not ketchup bottles. Nothing. So to suddenly locate a way to read on the go…life changing.

But when I’m reading…the world falls away. I don’t post blogs. I don’t tweet. I almost (almost) don’t check Facebook. (Let’s get real. Skip Facebooking? Ridiculous.) I don’t work on projects I would like to, or write anything, or even take care of stuff that seriously needs attention. So, it’s time to refocus.

At this point, I could still start churning out posts and reach my original goal of a post every four days. No, really. I could. But I don’t know if I want to. I plan to post the rest of the posts from the Scotland trip LAST FALL. Sheesh. I also plan to write a few posts of our trip to New England this summer. I really need to update some of my genealogy family posts, since our trips in 2013, 2014, and 2015 have resulted in the unearthing of some really cool stuff, along with learning the names of many more ancestors.

So, how often will I post going forward? No idea. But I’m getting back on the horse, and that’s what counts, right? Thanks for the read. Enjoy the ride.



4 thoughts on “Please Stand By….

  1. Reading is a very good thing to do with your time. I find I am now able to make more time for reading and it seems the days are less stressful. Any books would recently read that you could recommend?

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