Braemar Gathering

I have attended several Scottish games in the US. This was my first in Scotland. The following pics show the people in attendance, some of the participants, and a few of the pipers. It was an amazing experience, and one I would definitely repeat.
The picture above is of the hammer toss. It looks like either the hammer was traveling too fast to be captured, or maybe it was higher than what the picture took. The two fellows following the trajectory of the hammer seem to be focused on something within the frame, but maybe not. If anybody does manage to spot it, let me know.
The structure on the upper left with the royal emblem and flags is the booth where the queen sits when she attends. She does not attend every year, and she attended last year. Since next year is the 200th anniversary of the Braemar Gathering, it would make sense for her to attend that one. Or not. She’s the queen…she’ll do what she wants.
Nice little knoll of onlookers.

Caber toss, my personal favorite.
Pipes and drums take the field.

These pictures were all taken with the camera on my phone. Eventually I’ll take a closer look at the pictures taken with my actual camera, and add them in to this post and others already posted. Sometimes the camera does better with action shots, but as it was raining, I wasn’t at all sure which camera would be best for the day.

This was one of the most special events we attended the entire time we were in Scotland, and as usual, the pictures flat out don’t do it justice. Sigh.



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