Guthrie Family Genealogy II

This is an update to the post, Guthrie Family Genealogy I, published on May 3, 2013. When I figure out how to link to the first post, I will do so here.

This is information I was able to gather from visiting the Coleman County, Texas and South Carolina areas during the summer of 2013.

This is one of Travel Buddy’s lines, and her research is aimed pretty much at finding out all she can on her Guthrie line.

In Coleman County, we found some old maps at the courthouse that delineated the sections of property owned by her great-grandfather, William Guthrie. He bought up land whenever he could, and amassed thousands of acres of land. But when he died, the property was literally split between three siblings and their heirs, which makes it difficult today to understand exactly where the property lines were.  The maps definitely help with this.

In South Carolina, we located a list of Virginia marriages in a local library, one of which was the John Guttery and Mary Shay marriage in Christ Church in 1822.

Always looking for more.

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