Edmiston Family Genealogy

My Edmiston line is very short. At least, so far. I just have two generations: Robert and Dorothy.

Robert was born about 1700 in Augusta County, Virginia, married Jean Buchanan in 1720, and died 6 August 1749, Augusta County, Virginia. He had at least three children: William, Dorothy, and James Buchanan. These are the three mentioned in his will, so if there were others, they did not live past 1747, when the will was written. The will mentions “the blanket I brought from Ireland,” which indicates he visited Ireland at some point. Could he have been visiting family who gave him the blanket? His wife, Jean Buchanan, was born in Ireland, so maybe they were visiting her family.

Where were the Edmistons originally from? If he married an Irish girl, maybe Robert’s family was from Ireland, too. The name Edmiston is Scottish in origin, but many Scots went to Ireland for a few generations before proceeding on to America. In time, maybe I will find Robert’s parents and grandparents, which will tell me more.

Dorothy, Robert and Jean’s daughter, was born in 1721 in Rockbridge County, Virginia, married Thomas McSpadden, Sr. in Timber Ridge, Augusta County, Virginia, in 1743, and died reportedly in 1786 in Gordon County, Georgia. I say “reportedly” because I have not found evidence as of yet for this information obtained from other researchers. Dorothy’s husband, Thomas, died in 1765 in Lexington, Augusta County, Virginia. So she survived him by more than 20 years. Did she move to Georgia with one of her children and their family? Archibald McSpadden, one of the middle children, died in Redbud, Gordon County, Georgia in 1840. Maybe Dorothy is buried nearby. I still have much research to do!

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