Dutoi Family Genealogy

The Dutoi family came to America about 1700. They were Huguenots, looking for a safe place to live. The English settlers on the James River disliked the French-speaking newcomers, so pushed them to the west of Richmond, hoping the local Indians would wipe them out. Instead, the Huguenots flourished, trading with the Indians on a regular basis.

The Dutoi family, from Geneva, Switzerland, were one of the founders of that Huguenot town on the James River: Manakin Town. Pierre Dutoi had a daughter, Marianne, who married Christoffe DuBreuil, from Lagny, France.

Later on, when the Huguenots wanted to assimilate into Virginia easier, they changed their names to more “acceptable” forms. Thus, Dutoi became Dutoy, DuBreuil became Dibrell, and Benin became Benning.

Any Dibrells in America are descended from these DuBreuil and Dutoi lines.

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