Dibrell Family Genealogy II

This is an update to the post Dibrell Family Genealogy I, published on February 14, 2013. When I figure out how to link to the first post, I will do so here.

This is information I was able to gather from visiting the Blount County, Tennessee, and Buckingham County, and Richmond, Virginia area during the summer of 2013.

The book “Lee of Virginia, 1642-1892, Biographical and Genealogical Sketches of the Descendants of Colonel Richard Lee,” describes the descendancy from Richard through his son Charles (who married Elizabeth Medstand), and his grandson, Thomas.
Thomas’s children were: William, Thomas, Richard, Charles, John, and Elizabeth. Elizabeth Lee married Anthony Dibrell, and they had four children: Charles, Elizabeth, Judith, and Anthony.

“Marriages of some Virginia Residents, 1607-1800,” lists Ensign Charles Dibrell as married to Martha Burton. I was looking for proof of their marriage, and this is as close as I’ve come, so far.

“Genealogical Records of Buckingham County, Virginia,” describes Charles Dibrell’s exact service in the Revolutionary War, plus a list of those people who testified to Charles’s service.

Much information is already out there on the Dibrell line. These are just a few of the details obtained this past summer.

4 thoughts on “Dibrell Family Genealogy II

  1. This is my line as well. I descend from Anthony and Elizabeth’s son, Charles Lee Dibrell, and his wife, Martha ‘Patsy’ Burton, through their daughter, Elizabeth, who married Drewry Shrewsbury. Their daughter, Julia Elizabeth Lee Shrewsbury, married Charles Jones Love in 1839 and are my 2nd great grandparents. I used documentation for this entire line to join the DAR, the United States Daughters of 1812, and the National Huguenot Society. A great lineage to have, indeed!

    1. This is my Travel Buddy’s line: she descends through Charles and Martha’s son, John Lee. She lives 14 miles from where her 2nd great grandparents ended up. She already belongs to DAR, (in fact, she is regent of our chapter, this year!) and has been thinking about applying under Charles as a second ancestor. Have you ever been to Manakin Town? It has become a really nice monument to the Huguenots who settled there. Travel Buddy doesn’t email, but she is thrilled to learn about another Dibrell cousin! Thanks for your comment!

      1. Your friend should have no problem using her Dibrell line as a DAR supplement. There is so much information out there on him and his descendants. No, I’ve never been to Manakin Town, but I’ve seen photos and read much about it. It’s on my “Bucket List!” Thanks for the response. 🙂

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