Dashiell Family Genealogy II

This is an update to the post Dashiell Family Genealogy I, published on January 2, 2013. When I figure out how to link to the first post, I will do so here.

This is information I was able to gather from visiting the Davidson County, Tennessee area during the summer of 2013.

I have known about the marriage between John Snyder Dashiell and Barbara Shaw Graham for some time. What I lacked was proof.

Two years prior to this trip, in 2011, I visited the Tennessee Heritage room in the Nashville Library. There are several branches of the library, but only one Tennessee Heritage room. The dearth of genealogy materials there was startling, but even more so was the complete lack of interest in helping us by the librarian on duty in that room. She appeared far more interested in her book she was reading than in us annoying her with questions. When we did finally get her attention she demanded to know if my ancestor was famous. I answered that no, he wasn’t famous, but he might well be regarded as needed by the Nashvillians of the time as he was a steamboat captain. Once she understood he wasn’t famous, however, she completely abandoned us. Interesting.

So two years later, I was still looking for my ancestors.

I only found two pieces of information, but they are significant. On a website describing the grave markers found in the Nashville City Cemetary, there is a description of two graves: one with the initials J.S.D., and the other next to it with the initials B.S. Apparently, these markers, along with many others, have disappeared. But perhaps John and Barbara did end up there.

The second piece of information comes from the book, “Marriages of Davidson County, Tennessee, 1789-1847.” Listed therein are Dashields, Jno. to Barbara Graham, Aug. 25, 1830. Sol. Aug. 25, 1830, Will Lytle, J.P. So the marriage date appears solid, at least.

While I am grateful for what I have found so far, I am hoping to learn more about John’s Masonic Lodge connections, and more about Barbara’s parents, who apparently did not come with their children to America.


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