1st World Problems

I must live in a protected version of the real world. Although I have owned a cell phone since 2000, I have almost entirely avoided any technical issues. I say almost, because fully avoiding technical issues lasted right up until April 18 of this year, when without any warning, my cell phone totally died. And when I say died, I mean beyond reviving by me, by the nice Verizon folks at the store, or by the Verizon tech gurus on the phone. So, I sent it in for a replacement, since the insurance policy purchased many moons ago fully covered the phone. At least in theory.

The physical phone itself was definitely covered, but the information saved thereon was not. I did, by some small miracle, retrieve my contacts. But all my calendar data, most of my pictures, all my apps (including those with details to be found nowhere else) were gone forever. I am still suffering for this as I forget a family member or dear friend’s birthday an average of twice a month. I am still missing appointments, a few passwords, important pictures of events that can never be reenacted, and other crazy tidbits of information I would never have guessed might abruptly disappear forever, or I would likely have had them tattooed someplace. Well, maybe not tattooed. But definitely permanent markered somewhere prominent and safe from natural disaster and human error effected-ruin.

But I got the new phone in the mail very quickly, reloaded the bits of information I could, and replaced all my familiar apps I was missing as I went to go use them and they were gone. Within a few days I was running along fairly smoothly with the replacement, and within a few weeks, I felt reasonably back to normal, apart from the gaping holes of information that kept turning up, like deep potholes on an otherwise easily traversed road.

Then, precisely 30 days later, it happened again.

I could not even believe it. I skipped the store this time, opting for a straight-out conversation with the tech folks. They couldn’t do anything this time, either. I was dumbstruck. As the new phone was, naturally, still under warranty, I was, once again, sent a new phone. I was, once again, able to reassemble my phone to where it faintly resembled the one before. But I was, once again, without all my calendar details. Luckily, this time the tech gal was able to explain how to correct how I was entering the information so that it too, along with my contacts, could be reloaded should this occur again, but I don’t even know quite how to explain how I felt after this had happened twice, so close together.

Numb, from the loss of important data. Frustrated, due to my inability to gain it back. Sad, that I had allowed myself to become so dependent on the idea that nothing bad could happen to my phone.

But there you have it: one more lesson learned at huge expense…but at least all I lost were memories and information.

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