Damewood Family Genealogy II

This is an update to the post Damewood Family Genealogy I, published on December 12, 2012. When I figure out how to link to the first post, I will do so here.

This is information I was able to gather from visiting the Botetourt County, Virginia and Topeka, Kansas area during the summer of 2013.

Malachi/Melchior (Melkeah) Damewood was a witness to a land transaction in Botetourt County, Virginia, 1799. He served as a witness in many capacities during this time in Botetourt County. Because of his unusual name, many different spellings have turned up when researching.

Malachi’s parents were apparently of Swiss heritage. They moved to Pennsylvania either right before the children were born, or soon after. Either way, their children (4 sons: John, Heinrich, Malachi, and Sebastian) may have had accents that made determining their names that much harder.

I found John Damewood, from several generations later, in the Topeka, Kansas area. John married Nancy Jane Cave in Indiana, and they moved to Kansas about 1857. In 1857, John and his brother Brazil B. Damewood are on the Calhoun County, Kansas State Census. In 1859, John is listed on the Jackson County, Kansas State Census.

I just wanted evidence that the Damewoods were there: they moved on to Oregon in 1861, so lived there only a few years. I knew my great-great grandmother, Mary Eldora Damewood was born there, but I had not found solid proof, before. Now I have.


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