Brick Wall of the Month: John Phillips

My brick wall for the month of April is John Phillips.

John Phillips, according to family information, was born in Horse Cave, Hart County, Kentucky, about 1808. I myself have found no proof of this, though I traveled to Horse Cave in the summer of 2011.

Kentucky is not a very easy place to research genealogy. Much documentation has been lost, and that which does exist is difficult to track down.

I did not find much in the way of research materials either in Horse Cave itself, or up the road in Munfordville, the county seat of Hart County.

John married Nancy Blane in Johnson County, Indiana, September 4, 1834. I found this documentation by accident, when researching some other family members. Though I am very glad for the information, it still leaves me confused: when did John move from Kentucky to Indiana? Census information reveals that Nancy Blane was originally from New Jersey. How did she get to Indiana? I found nothing further on either the Phillips or Blane families in Johnson County, Indiana.

John and Nancy moved to Missouri, where they had at least on child, Mary Ann Phillips. Mary Ann was born in Scotland County, Missouri.

John died in 1877, probably Scotland County, Missouri.

But what happened before that?

Who were his parents? Where were they from?

Why did he move to Indiana, and how did he meet Nancy?

Did he have any other children besides Mary Ann?


I welcome any ideas and thoughts about how to discover more regarding John Phillips!

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