Collins Family Genealogy II

Update to Collins Family Genealogy I.

In an earlier post, I described my Collins line back to Hezekiah Collins and Sarah Jane Wood.
This post focuses on Sarah’s side of the family, at least in part.

Many years ago, I visited my grandmother’s cousin in Oregon. While she wasn’t able to provide me with any information further back than what I already had, she gave me a copy of a letter from someone in the family, and that was that.

At some point, I noticed the letter was from William Collins, but as he wasn’t my ancestor, I didn’t really focus on the letter much. Plus, it was all about people I didn’t know.

Flash forward an embarrassing number of years, when I was finally getting all of my paperwork into file folders, and I ran across the letter, again.

Now that I was more familiar with family members, and valued information on anything I could find, I looked at the letter, and realized who William Collins was: my 3x great-grandfather’s eldest brother, and the second child of Hezekiah and Sarah!

In fact, the letter was written to Sarah, my 4x great-grandmother, and the people mentioned whom I did not recognize were evidently family and neighbors she knew!

Hezekiah and Sarah had married in Albemarle County, Virginia in 1832. They then moved to Lewis County, Virginia (now West Virginia) and had all their children, except the last.

Apparently, Sarah not only kept in contact with the folks she left behind, but William went to visit all he could, and wrote Sarah about who he saw and who had passed.

The letter was written from Albemarle County in 1888. I have been able to track down some folks by following clues in the letter, but the handwriting and spelling leave much to interpretation, which creates its own challenge in turn.

The best I can tell is that Sarah may be a sibling to Richard Wood, Ransom Wood, and Eliza Loving. All three stayed in Albemarle County, with Eliza specifically in Scottsville. Benjamin Britt is probably a cousin, as is William Wood.

Based on this very loose evidence, I hope to soon determine who Sarah’s parents were.

I’m so grateful to have this piece of the puzzle… and to have had the opportunity to analyze it a second time!

If you are related to the Wood and/or Collins line, let me know. I’d love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “Collins Family Genealogy II

  1. I am your distant cousin. Have done extensive research on the Collins family.
    Your letter from William is very interesting. I hope you are still into genealogy.
    Honey Lanham Dodge

  2. Hello! Always fun to meet another cousin! Who is our common ancestor? I am definitely still into genealogy, though I haven’t spent much time on it, lately. I hope to get back to it in full force this year!
    Laura Jones

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