Cocke Family Genealogy

This line stems from Travel Buddy’s Dibrell line.

John Lee Dibrell married Ellender Cocke. Ellender’s parents were Charles Cocke and Eleanor Ewing. The Ewing line will be covered in a future post.

Charles Cocke was possibly born in Halifax County, Virginia in 1750. We have not found his parents, yet.

But this past summer in Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia, we found a book entitled “A History of Halifax County, Virginia,” and in it was a section on the Cocke family from that area.

Specifically, it references a Richard Cocke, Nathaniel Cocke, John Cocke, and Herbert Cocke.

Apparently, Nathaniel and John were the sons of Richard, while Herbert had a brother named John. The same John connected also to Richard and Nathaniel? I have no way of knowing at this point.

But this book has provided us with four possibilities of connections to Charles. With hope, we’ll find more clues, soon.


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