Cave Family Genealogy II

This is an update to the post published November 5th, 2012. When I figure out linking I will post the link here.

Not much to add, really.

But Thomas Cave, born 1773, lived in South Carolina. His son, my ancestor John Cave, was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Some folks have Thomas born in Orange County, Virginia. And maybe he was.

But as definitive proof has not emerged yet, I’m feeling free to explore other possibilities.

When I visited the Augusta County Library this past summer, in Staunton, Virginia, I found a wealth of great genealogical sources, including a book citing South Carolina Naturalizations from 1783 to 1850.

A Thomas Cave is listed in this book, admitted as a citizen in the Court of Common Pleas in the year 1798.

Could this be my Thomas Cave at the aged of 25?

If he is from another country rather than Virginia, that would provide an explanation for why I can’t seem to find anything on his parents, or any other details concerning his birth.

If this is your line, please leave a comment. I’d love to compare notes!


6 thoughts on “Cave Family Genealogy II

  1. Hi. We have corresponded before. I am following up with some previous Cave contacts to let you know that I have gotten the probate records from Dubois County IN, and would be glad to share the transcriptions with you as I decipher them from Thomas Jefferson Cave Sr.’s estate. They do not have a will on file, but do have some records related to his ten children and the division of the lands. If you would like a copy, please email me at the email address indicated. I also am contacting you, Tracy Cave, at the email you listed above.

    If you have anything you can share, such as the 1798 records you mentioned above, Tracy, that would be great! I hope to try and find more about Thomas Cave’s parents. The only other related type of name is John Cavin and Moses Cavin, who are both in the same exact area in the 1800 census, and John Cavin is in the 1790 census for South Carolina in the Spartanburg County area. I have considered perhaps there is a link there.

    Thanks for your help, and I look forward to hearing from you!

  2. By the way, Tracy, I found the document you were talking about. There are actually two Thomas Caves in South Carolina at that time, and if I remember correctly, I believe both were married to Elizabeths. I suspect that this naturalization is the one that was in Charleston.

    I know I am descended, and it sounds like you are, from the Thomas Cave and Elizabeth Medford who were from Spartanburg County SC. I think the Medfords were from North Carolina, and some moved down to Spartanburg area. These are just theories at this point based on census records I have found. Nothing definitive.

    Hope this helps.


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