Burleson Family Genealogy II

I wrote the Burleson Family Genealogy I post on October 24, 2012. When I figure out how to link it to this one, I will do it here.

The Burleson Family is a prolific one, but our research concerns David Burleson’s line. David was born in Virginia, traveled to North Carolina, and fought in the Revolutionary War. He and his son, Moses Burleson, brought the family to Tennessee, where David died. More about the homestead in Rutherford County is covered in the first Burleson post.

Moses then moved his family to Alabama, which is where he died. Our travels this past summer took us to this county where, while we did not locate the burial sites of Moses Burleson and Edy Hobson, we did find research material with a lot more details than we started with.

At the Clyde Nix Public Library in Hamilton, Marion County, we found a copy of The Burleson Family History, by William Gene Burleson, published 28 Sep 1988.

This book had lots of information we already had, along with lots we didn’t. I’m including these new bits here, but all of it bears further research.

David Burleson’s grandfather, Aaron Burleson, had 7 sons. This we knew. We did not know that all 7 fought in the Revolutionary War, with only 2 surviving. We also knew that John Burleson, Aaron’s son and David’s father, died in 1776, but assumed it was from accident or disease, as we had not found a tie to the war. I haven’t found any evidence of his involvement yet, but now I will pursue this further.

John Burleson had three sons: David, Isaac, and Aaron. This we knew. But we had not found anything about the other brothers’ wives: Isaac evidently married Martha Clay, and Aaron married Martha Wilder, according to this book. More research is needed to determine this information is accurate.

David Burleson moved from Anson County, North Carolina to Rutherford County, Tennessee. This we knew. But the book states that David lived in Northeast Tennessee before settling in Rutherford County. If this is true, it would be interesting to discover where.

David’s wife, Ursula Weather ford, had two brothers, Hilkiah and William, according to this book. If this information proves to be right, it may be helpful in learning more about Ursula’s immediate family.

Moses Burleson, David’s son, lived in what is now Blount County, Alabama, according to the book. I’ll need to check on this, because we know Moses and his wife, Edy, lived in Marion County. But Blount County we do not know. The book states Moses moved to McNairy County, Tennessee before 1830. Then why did he and Edy die in Marion County, Alabama in 1836 and 1838, respectively? By the way, the book states that Edy is short for Adele. Maybe it is, but I’ve been thinking it was short for Edith. We’ll keep looking.

Bennett Burleson, Moses’s son! was born in Tennessee, but moved to Alabama. He and his wife are on the 1840 census for Franklin County, Alabama, which is just north of Marion County. Their daughter, Mary Evelyn Burleson, was born in Marion County in 1843. The book mentions none of this.

But the book does state Bennett and Matilda married in 1831, and that he later married Margaret Elizabeth Meyers. Which reminds me that we have a great deal of unanswered questions for this generation: when and where did Matilda die? Did she die in Tennessee? Alabama? When and where did Bennett and Margaret marry? I know Bennett and family moved from Alabama to McNairy County, Tennessee before settling in Denton County, Texas. The book makes no mention of this.

Much more research is obviously needed for this family. But now we have many more clues to explore and see which ones pan out, and which won’t. I’m thinking McNairy County is looking like the place to start.

2 thoughts on “Burleson Family Genealogy II

  1. I have read with interest your posts Burleson Family Genealogy I and Il. Just last month I tried, unsuccessfully, to find the David Burleson grave site in Rutherford County. I am a descendent of his and live in Knoxville. I would appreciate very much if you could put me in touch with other Burleson family that may have additional info on this family. Thanks.
    Wayne McMahon

    1. Hi, Wayne! I will have to check my notes to see how specific I was on the location of David Burleson’s grave marker. I know part of the confusion stems from all the new construction. I will check on this and get back to you. Knoxville… that’s close! Lucky you!

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