A Taxing Month

It’s the taxing time, once again.

February is the month that not only feels ridiculously short, but also seems to have the most events, details, and enormous tasks packed into it.

When I mention this to people, they’re always quick to point out that February literally is the shortest month. It has the least amount of days in it.

But why, then, instead of feeling like we’ve lost a day or two, does it feel like we’ve somehow been robbed of a week or more?

Valentine’s Day, while designed as a gentle, sweet holiday, (at least if you study the merchandising techniques and ignore history altogether) is really quite frightening in that it heralds the fact that we’ve already let half the month go! March is in two weeks, Cupid whispers. Are you ready? No, I snap back. Not even close.

Besides the fact February has an extraordinary amount of events shoehorned in, it’s also the month I do our taxes. Yes, I know we have until mid-April, but if I want an appointment with our popular tax preparer, I’d better get things organized quickly.

So back I go into the thick of it all.

With all those months of 31 days, could we not spare a couple of extra days for February? Or would we just schedule more to catch the slack? Oh, February. You are merciless, aren’t you?


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