Brick Wall of the Month: Mary Ladd Jones

My brick wall for the month of January is Mary Ladd Jones.

I have the reference to the marriage of Mary Ladd and Cyrus Jones. I am further descended through their son, Cyrus, who married Sarah McLaughlin.

I have examined many family trees which state Mary’s parents were Simeon Ladd and Lizzie Hines. Maybe they were her parents, but I have not found nor been provided with any kind of documentation proving this.

I also do not have a birthdate or birthplace for Mary, nor a death date or death place. In short, I know very little about Mary.

Simeon and Lizzie were both born and married in New Hampshire, then moved to Maine, where they died. So, logic would say Mary was born in either New Hampshire or Maine.

Cyrus, Mary’s husband, died in Maine in 1842. Their son, Cyrus, Jr., was born in Maine in 1823. Those two facts together put Mary herself in Maine. So where did she end up? Hey, researching “Mary Jones” isn’t easy!

I would love to know where and when Mary was born and died.

So how about it, fellow researchers? Any thoughts??


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