Writing Projects: January Progress

One of my goals this year is to get back to my writing projects.

My chief aim in this regard is to rewrite the query for my first project.

The writing has been complete for years (going on seven) and the editing is done. I started the process in 2012, and sent out a number of queries, but had no takers.

I may not have the right product for the masses, but I believe my book could do well in the right market.

My next step is to polish up my query. I obviously need to either find another approach, decide self-publishing is better, or just shelve it for now.

This month my specific plan is to rewrite the query. Once that’s complete, I can focus on sending it out, again.

I’ve just about decided to try the self-publishing option, but I want to give this project a real chance in the traditional world before I go the other route.


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