Beach Family Genealogy II

This is an update to the post I wrote on the Beach family on September 1, 2013. When I figure out how to link that post to this one, I will do it here.

In the first Beach post, I mentioned Jesse Beach and Arena Mendenhall, and Jesse’s parents, Timothy Beach, Jr. and Sarah Sprague. From the little information I had, apparently Jesse, Sarah, and Arena all died in Macon County, Illinois: Jesse died in 1854, and Sarah and Arena both died in 1860. Sarah’s parents, Abraham and Celstia Sprague, died in Macon County in 1847. Timothy survived his son, daughter-in-law, and wife, and reportedly died in Scotland County, Missouri.

This past summer I traveled to both Macon County and Scotland County, and while it is always interesting to see the area my ancestors lived in (particularly when it is many miles from my own home) I was greatly disappointed in the lack of information I found.

For one thing, despite five ancestors dying in the same county (something that didn’t happen often with my constantly on-the-move relatives), none evidently have grave markers. Not only was I unable to locate anything online, in person at the Macon County Library (genealogy section) I painstakingly went through every cemetery listing (and there were many) but was unable to find a single one. Of course, they may all be buried together, but not finding any is tough luck. I was particularly disappointed to not locate Abraham Sprague’s, as he is a known patriot from the Revolutionary War, and so I had hoped somebody else had located him before now. I even went to the old cemetery, which does have people from that era buried therein, and spoke to the very knowledgeable cemetery director, who very willingly searched through all he had, but discovered nothing on my ancestor.

In fact, the library yielded nothing on the five of these folks, with the exception that I found an Index to Probate Records listing Jesse Beach as having a probated estate. But as it was only an index, the transcript of the probate was not available, and the staff in the genealogy section had no suggestions as to where I might find this information.

I did not have much more luck with Timothy. I did find him listed in the 1860 census as living in Scotland County, but here again, no transcribed books of tombstones had him listed, so I have no idea if his final resting place. The library in Scotland County was just a little thing, with very few records. I have no idea if anyplace in Missouri has more records that would be more forthcoming.

My next plan is to seek out a Mason County connection who may shed some light on where I could possibly look next for evidence on any of these people.


5 thoughts on “Beach Family Genealogy II

  1. I have tell you that I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog! I have been having quite a difficult time in proving that Abraham Sprague existed, or Celestia Freelove Hubbell did for that matter. I had found no documentation online for Celestia, but I did for Freelove Hubbell. There is a book that was written “Centennial history of Decatur and Macon County”, and it is available free online. I noted that on page 18 “Abraham Sprague built the 3rd house in the area (south of the fairgrounds and called Fairview now)” plus Hubbell Sprague built the 4th house. This book may be the best clue I’ve run across now. Hope you may have something more to add to this mystery! By the way, my husband was born and raised in Clark County, Kentucky.

    1. Wow, I’ll definitely have to check that book out! Sounds interesting. I need to check back in my notes to see what I have for Abraham and Celestia. Thanks for the comment…always fun to meet another cousin!

  2. I found the 1860 Census that indicates that Timothy Beach was 76 at the time and was living with his son, Nathan Beach, and his family in Harrison, Scotland County, Missouri. His date of birth is 1784, and I think that’s closer to the correct date as I found verification for he and Sarah in the 1850 census in Macon, Illinois. Nathan was married to Delia and it appears they had several children (big surprise), and one of the names listed is Lewis Sprague. Here is the listing of the census:

    Harrison Township in the County of Scotland, Missouri, July 23, 1860

    (page 26)
    Nathan Beach, farmer, age 43;
    (page 27)
    Delila Beach, age 36, born in Virginia;
    Mary H., age 13, born in Illinois;
    John, age 9, born in Illinois;
    Seth, age 6, born in Illinois;
    Laura E., age 2, born in Missouri;
    George L., age 3 months, born in Missouri;
    Timothy Beach, tinkerer, age 76, born in Connecticut;
    Delilah, age 16, born in Illinois;
    Lewis Sprague, farm laborer, age 23, born in Illinois

  3. So very glad to stumble onto this blog. I am a great, great grandson of Timothy Beach II. I visited the Nathan Beach farm in Scotland County, Missouri, several years ago and attended a Sprague family reunion held in the same general area. I suspect that Timothy was buried somewhere on Nathan’s farm… but where? Our branch of the family has also searched, with no success, for information about the location of Sarah (Sprague) Beach’s burial. The search goes on.

    1. Good to meet you! Yes, we may never discover the burial sites for these two…I am also still looking for the burial of Rodantha Beach Dalton, Jesse Beach and Arena Mendenhall’s daughter, who married Francis Dalton. I guess if it was easy, anybody could do it, right? Good luck with your searching!

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