New Year Goals 2013…and 2014

Goals are definitely tricky little things. We make these elaborate lists every year full of hope and expectation that each item may be systematically checked off, when the reality is…procrastination, items rescheduled, items abandoned, life getting in the way, time moving too fast, etc., etc., etc.

This is a Year in Review of 2013…and a revamping of my goals for 2014.

1. Taxes. These were finished long ago for this year. Oddly enough, it’s first on my agenda for 2014, as well.

2. Bicycle riding for exercise. Well, bicycles WERE purchased this year, but we’re going to have to end 2013 with only one bike ride. Yeah, one. So, 2014 can only be an improvement, right?? Also, I was terrible about getting enough walking in this year. So walking and bicycling are a big push for next year.

3. Regular blog schedule. This blog entry completes my goal for the year! I am so stinking proud of myself for this one, because it was not easy. I set the goal of one blog every four days, and while I frequently derailed, I not only made up my average with more blogs, I managed to keep things relevant, which is tough. I’m keeping this goal for 2014, as well.

4. Go through clothes: donate/storage/keep. Didn’t happen, and I’m okay with that. This never was a big priority, anyway. If it happens in the coming year, great. Otherwise, it’ll happen eventually.

5. Renew genealogy focus. Spent almost half the year on genealogy, so this was a success. I’ll have a different focus in 2014, so should still get some good stuff done.

6. Get back to querying “101.” I’ve let all the writing, editing, and querying slide this year, because other things simply took over. But instead of jumping back into querying, I know it’s time to revamp the query. I can do better, and I will.

7. Convert VHS tapes to DVD format. Sure thought more of this would have happened this year, but instead…nothing. Got a good start in 2012, and now it’s time to get back to it. If I did two a week all year…that’s 104, which would be awesome.

8. Map out route for road trip this summer. Heck, yeah! Got this done and traveled for a total of four and a half months this year! (The real reason many goals weren’t met this year….). Now, the 2014 goal switches to a road trip in Scotland! I’m looking to hit this is March/April.

9. Edit “$$” and prepare query. I want to accomplish this in 2014. Didn’t get any of it done in 2013, but that’s mainly because I haven’t figured out how to work my craft while on the road. But this is definitely a top goal moving forward.

10. Clear 2nd storage unit. It was the weirdest thing: several times this year we thought this would happen, and then it just…didn’t. Over and over again, either we couldn’t find somebody, or once we did, we didn’t have the funds! So, I guess it wasn’t time yet. Will 2014 be the year? Hoping so!

11. Reorganize garage. Done! Everything looks great!

12. Application for organization. Didn’t happen, and that’s okay. Might not happen this year, either. I’m just going to take it off the list, because it’s just not a priority right now.

13. Return to edit and work on “Blank.” Didn’t happen this year, and not expecting it for 2014, either, so I’m taking it off the list. The other two writing projects are much more important right now.

14. Organize pictures into albums. This will only happen if the storage happens. So I’ll leave it on for 2014, but not expecting a miracle.

15. Hang plates, or store. Another storage-linked goal. If we clear the storage, then the plates that will be displayed can be dealt with, and the ones that won’t can be repacked and stored safely.

I’ve dropped four goals from 2013, so I’ll add four more for 2014:
1. Get back to reading for enjoyment.
2. Finish several small projects. I’ve got a list of about 20 things that need attention.
3, Process all the genealogy data gathered in 2013.
4. Purchase four items I’ve been wanting for several years. This will involve research.

That’s it! What are some goals you’ve set for 2014?


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