Travels Through Georgia, 2013

Georgia has a unique feel to it that can be found in no other state in the union. It’s hard to describe, but with all the trees, hills, swamps, and friendly people, Georgia is just a whole new experience.

Others are free to disagree, but there’s something welcoming and gentle about Georgia that is a completely different change from Florida, South Carolina, and Alabama. Tennessee is just as kind and historic, but it doesn’t sport the charm Georgia exudes from its huge cypress trees, amazing swamps, and strong sense of southern identity.

When I speak of southern identity, I mean the general feeling of lazy summer days, and soft spring mornings, cool fall evenings, and chilly winter nights. Fireflies, dewy lawns, crisp leaves, frosted earth.

Georgia is a state of mind…of history, and beauty, and wondrous allure that can only be experienced in person.

We always enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of traveling through this state, and we freely will admit to anyone that we may be biased. We have a couple of very dear friends whom we have stayed with any number of times over the years. The visits are easy, the conversation interesting, and the silences very enjoyable. They live in an antebellum home in a teeny tiny town with a state road running right through town and in fact, directly in front of their house, but this doesn’t matter because it infrequently sports traffic of any kind.

Not all of Georgia is so slow, quiet, and unassuming. Certainly, Atlanta and Columbus and Savannah all offer very different experiences. But even in the fast-paced, roaring, and bold metropolitan areas you can get a special feel for the powerful and hypnotic, yet agreeably gracious and soothing culture that is Georgia.


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