Christmas Decorating, 2013

We love decorating for Christmas. It takes us literally hours and hours to do, but the whole process is so worth it.

We do not begin until after Thanksgiving, even when it is as late as it was this year. But then it takes roughly 10 hours per day for 10 days to set everything up.

We could do a lot less…or even nothing at all. But we enjoy opening every box, pulling out every last item. We listen to Christmas music the whole time, and thoroughly love every minute.

Sometimes it’s a labor of love others cannot understand. Why spend so much time on this? Why go through the hassle?

But to us it is not a hassle or inconvenience…or we wouldn’t bother! Some people spend time gardening; others play video games; and still others find some other amusements. We just happen to love decorating.

So if you drive by and wonder who in the world would spend that much effort for such a small time period, I can tell you it’s us. We love what we do, and we love the looks of wonder and happiness on people’s faces when they see the finished look.

But don’t misunderstand: this stuff’s staying up until at least half-way through January. Period.


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