Catching Up

One of my goals this year was to stay current with the writing for this blog. I chose the time frame of publishing a blog post every four days because I knew I’d have the material, and I wanted to stay focused on writing.

Well, best laid plans and all that aside, I haven’t done too badly. I did think it would be easy to keep up with postings while on the road this year, and instead it was anything but. Considering we were on the road for a total of four and a half months, maybe I can be forgiven for falling behind at times, especially since I recognize that content is an important inclusion for each post.

Now that we’ve come to the end of the year, though, I feel confident I will be able to catch up on enough entries so that on average I will have posted every four days. But this does mean a number of entries will be posted quite close together in order to fit them all in.

So I thank you for your patience as I persevere in meeting my goal, and I fully expect to have a better handle on the process for 2014. Meanwhile, Happy Reading!


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