Travels Through North Carolina, 2013

North Carolina is a beautiful state any time of year, which makes it worthy of travel regardless of the circumstances.

But with regards to actual research, this state has a great deal of information available to the traveling genealogist.

One of the best research libraries we have ever been to is the Old Buncombe County Genealogical Society in Asheville. Stacks and stacks of books, binders, files, and papers just abound. It is a true treasure trove of information, much of which we have been unable to find elsewhere. The main caveat is that in addition to the normal charge for copies, you must also pay $5 an hour to do your own research. As there were two of us, the research became really expensive very quickly. However, the sheer volume of data we were able to collect in a short amount of time on each of our families made this visit definitely worthwhile. Also, if you’re going to be visiting frequently, I believe a price break is in effect if you are a member of the Society.

If you find yourself on the other side of the state, however, there are several locations that provide a great deal of information for just the cost of copying.

In the southeast, Cartaret County is a wonderful source for information on the Quakers.

In the northeast, Halifax is a small town with a huge genealogical resource within its public library building. We were stunned at the amount of worthwhile research materials in just this place, particularly considering the size.

The lesson here is plain: don’t judge a library on its size. Some large libraries have next to nothing for genealogists, while other small places have a great deal of information available. Check all you can.


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