New York Travel Pics, part II

While on our way to Ground Zero, we passed another memorial site that was completely unknown to us. Apparently back in 2001, plans were drawn up for a memorial honoring the thousands of Irish families who were left behind in Ireland.

Unable or unwilling to come to America, these are the Irish ancestors of those who did come, and thus survived the Famine. It’s a raised ground area, that looks a lot like a tilted park with the grass, bushes, boulders, and path. Until you get closer and understand its significance.

This shows one of the actual famine cottages from Ireland. It was disassembled and brought over stone by stone, and then reassembled here, in the Financial District. Amazing use of irony, don’t you know.

These boulders appear to be, well, just huge rocks. But if you look closely, each one has the name of an Irish county on it. And as if that wasn’t quite enough, each boulder actually came from the county carved in it.

After that, the Public Library, Washington Square, and New York Historical Society seemed much more tame, but of course we went anyway.

New York Public Library

Washington Arch at Washington Square

New York Historical Society

It’s fun to discover new places…and revisit the old familiar ones, too.


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