Travels Through New York, 2013 – part I

This was the single most important stop of our entire trip this year. At least, as far as my own family is concerned.

When you’re traveling by trailer, driving through cities is difficult even on the best days. And we were headed into New York City: one of the most challenging cities to negotiate even with just a car.

But we lucked out: after checking with many different campgrounds, state parks, etc. we finally found a safe place to leave the truck and trailer. A campground in New Jersey, right across from Manhattan. Nothing but gravel and too-close neighbors for the most part, but it did have full hook-ups and a safe location. At $80 a night the price was much, much higher than we were used to paying on the road, but when you consider the cost of a hotel room downtown and the fact we were pulling a trailer…perspective is everything. Besides, it also had a nifty view of the Statue of Liberty.

Travel-wise, this was a major coup. Tourist-wise, it was a snap to either walk a few blocks one way and ride the ferry or a few blocks the other way and ride the subway. Whichever, we were able to get to NYC quickly, which was important as we had a few things to do.

We stayed three nights, so had three days to make the most of our visit. We saw a number of friends, walked through Washington Square, visited the Public Library, and Ground Zero, which were all wonderful and significant events.

But the most important find genealogically-speaking, I located at the New York Historical Society. Some time back, I was trying to do more in-depth research on one of my ancestors, Simeon Ladd. In frustration, I finally just googled him and discovered he had written a poem. A poem mourning the death of George Washington. This was intriguing. So I tried to find out more about the poem, hoping to find a transcription or something, but the only thing I could discover was that it was currently located at the New York Historical Society.

I just had to go there and see if a copy was available for me to read.

Continued in Travels Through New York, 2013 – part II

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