Yeary Family Genealogy

Yeary Family Genealogy

My closest Yeary is Mary Polly Yeary, who was born in 1786 in Lee County, Virginia. This is a long time back, so my knowledge is skimpy at best. I do not have proof that Mary Polly is in my line, but all the trees I have seen thus far list her as the wife of Abner Hatfield. I am hoping to shed some light on this connection, possibly through their son, Moses Hatfield. I am traveling to Lee County this year, and unlike two years ago, I will be there on a day when the libraries are open, so I am hoping to garner some hard evidence.

Mary’s parents were Henry Yeary and Martha Ball. Henry was born in 1765 in Lee County, Virginia and Martha was born in 1764 in Fairfax County, Virginia. They both died in Lee County, Martha in 1836 and Henry in 1840.

Henry’s parents were Henry Yeary and Elizabeth Croxall (sometimes spelled Croxtall). Henry was born in 1725 and Elizabeth was born in 1729, both in Lee County, Virginia. They also died in Lee County, Henry in 1799 and Elizabeth in 1805.

Henry, Sr. served in the Revolutionary War as a soldier, and Henry, Jr. served as a water boy during the Battle of Kings Mountain.

I would love to connect Mary Polly to Abner Hatfield to truly claim these ancestors that I have felt were mine for years! If you can help me do so, please let me know. I would love to compare notes with you.

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