Wilson Family Genealogy

Wilson Family Genealogy

The Wilson family research has been challenging, mainly because the family name Wilson is relatively common. What has been helpful is that not many of the Wilson men are named Abner. As that name runs through this branch continually, it has been helpful when attempting to locate the right line.

Travel Buddy’s grandfather was Abner Edwin Wilson, born in Fannin County, Texas in 1869. He met and married Luci Whitehead in 1897 in Brown County, Texas, where he was a lawyer and later, County Judge. He died in Brown County in 1949.

The first Wilson in the generational search is Abner Zaconius Taylor Wilson. He was born in 1848 in Henry County, Kentucky. He went by Abner, AT, Cam, Can, and Ab at last count. But most often, he can be found under Abner. Many boys of his generation were named after President Zachary Taylor, but Zaconius is an unusual version of that naming! Abner met and married Anna Isabella McCleary in 1868 in Fannin County, Texas. He was a Baptist preacher, along with a couple of his brothers, and found it necessary on at least one occasion to preach with a rifle leaning against the pulpit. Abner died in 1915 and Anna died in 1930, both in Brown County.

Abner’s parents were Abner Moses Wilson and Sarah Caleb Doyle. Sarah was born in Shelby County, Kentucky in 1805 to Farmer Doyle and Rebecca Cole. Abner was born in Fayette County, Kentucky in 1791. They married in Clark County, Kentucky in 1832. They moved to Fannin County, Texas in the 1850s, and Abner died there in 1858. Sarah died in Brown County many years later, in 1890.

Abner’s parents were Abner Wilson and Lydia Garner. Abner was born about 1760 in Washington County, Pennsylvania. It is not known where Lydia was born. We don’t know when or where they married, either. But both died in Fayette County, Kentucky, Abner in 1833. Abner was a soldier in the Revolution according to the DAR website.

This is as far back as we have the Wilsons. If you are related to this line, shoot me a comment and I’ll connect you with Travel Buddy.


5 thoughts on “Wilson Family Genealogy

  1. I have a Abner Wilson from the same area. Not sure if related. The most I have to go on in a Orphens Court Record That said Said Abner died in 1824. And left son Abner Wilson age abut six mother Isabel appt guardian

  2. Hi! Travel Buddy’s grandfather, Abner Edwin Wilson, was my great-grandfather. Thank you for the above information. I’m doing some work on our family tree, and this was very helpful.

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