Whitehead Family Genealogy

Whitehead Family Genealogy

Luci Evelyn Whitehead was born in 1876 in Denton County, Texas. She married Abner Wilson in 1897 in Brown County, Texas. She was a member of DAR and a Real Daughter of UDC. She died in 1972 at the age of 96.

Luci’s parents were William Franklin Whitehead and Mary Evelyn Burleson. The Burlesons are covered in an earlier post. William was born in Crawford County, Arkansas in 1835. Mary was born in Marion County, Alabama in 1843. During the war, William fought for the Confederacy for Arkansas. Later, he moved to Texas and met Mary. They married in 1868 in Denton County, Texas. William was a Freemason, and a prominent citizen of both Denton and Brown counties in Texas. He served with Terry’s Texas Rangers and helped hunt for the outlaw, Sam Bass. Once when he was out on the search, Sam, who knew Captain Whitehead was looking for him, snuck back to the house, and pulled a gun on Mary, demanding some food. She prepared it for him, and he ate it, keeping a gun trained on her the whole time. Then, leaving a $10 bill on the table, he left. Hours later, when Captain Whitehead returned, Mary told him what had happened, but emphasized that Sam Bass had paid her for the meal. Mary died in 1910 and William died in 1916, both in Brown County, Texas.

William’s parents were William Whitehead and Meren or Marion Moberly. William was born in 1812 and Meren/Marion was born in 1811, both in Kentucky. They married in 1833, though we don’t know where. Supposedly, William died in 1877 and Meren/Marion died in 1878, both in Denton County, Texas, but we have yet to find any proof of this. We have looked extensively through graveyards and researched online, but so far, nothing. I do need to go back and check the tax records, at least. I cannot find them on the 1870 census at all, either. Maybe they ended up some place else.

This is as far back as our knowledge of the Whiteheads goes.

We don’t know much about the Whiteheads, and are eager to learn more. If you are connected with this line, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with this Whitehead cousin.


2 thoughts on “Whitehead Family Genealogy

  1. Hi Laura, If your friend, Travel Buddy’s grandparents are Abner Wilson and Lucy Evelyn Whitehead Wilson, Travel Buddy would be a first cousin to my father, and a first cousin once removed to me. Would love to hear from you…

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