Sprague Family Genealogy

Sprague Family Genealogy

Sarah Sprague was born in 1790, Addison County, Vermont. She married Timothy Beach, and ultimately wound up in Macon County, Illinois, where she died in 1860. Check back in an earlier post for Timothy Beach’s genealogy.

Sarah’s parents were Abraham Sprague and Celstia Freelove Hubbell. Abraham was born in 1764 in Providence County, Rhode Island. Celstia was born in 1764, but I don’t know where. They both died in 1847 in Macon County, Illinois.

Abraham’s parents were Anthony Sprague and Mercy Dexter. Anthony was born in Scituate, Providence County, Rhode Island in 1728. Mercy was born in Smithfield, Providence County, Rhode Island in 1730. I don’t know where or when Mercy died, but Anthony died in Lanesborough, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. I am looking forward to traveling through the Berkshires in Massachusetts and the Providence, Rhode Island area, as although I have traveled to both before, I wasn’t researching families in the area, and I am excited to learn more about the history of these areas, particularly during the time my ancestors lived there.

This is as far back as I have the Sprague family at this time. Interestingly, Abraham and Celstia both had fathers who died in Lanesborough. This makes me think there is a strong possibility that Abraham and Celstia may have lived in the area as well, or even married there. It is a short distance from this location to Addison County, where Sarah was born.

I’ll be traveling this route in reverse (Vermont, then Massachusetts, then Rhode Island) but I’ll get to all these locations eventually. I am hopeful I will find out a thing or two when I do!


2 thoughts on “Sprague Family Genealogy

  1. I have been to Addison County many times. I grew up in Plattsburgh N.Y. across the lake(Champlain). You should visit downtown Burlington Vt. It is a great gathering place and many different shops. Also Dakin Farms should be high on your list to visit. It was started by a great uncle of mine in 1790.

    1. I have been through Burlington, but have not stopped before. On the other hand, I have been to Dakin Farms! A beautiful area, and the gift shop is truly reflective of the farms. We bought maple syrup for all our friends back home, and enjoyed the best maple candy we’d ever had! How neat that you and your family are connected to such a wonderful place.

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