Mendenhall Family Genealogy

Mendenhall Family Genealogy

The Mendenhalls were a prominent Quaker family, particularly in North Carolina. The Quakers kept excellent records, which is super helpful with research. I found a wonderful source in North Carolina: an extensive volume of transcribed incidents, listed as they had been recorded. Thus, it was easy to follow when a child was born to which parents, and then see when that child married (and to whom, and who their parents were) and in time, even when that same individual died.

My line begins with Arena Mendenhall, who was born in 1817 in Wayne County, Indiana. I do not know if she had been raised as a Quaker or not. I know that many Quakers left North Carolina for Indiana, and Arena’s parents were part of that lot. But I read somewhere that Francis Mendenhall decided to pull away from the Quaker following. If I can find a similar volume on the Quakers in Indiana to that I found in North Carolina, maybe I will find out for sure. Another point of interest is that Quakers did not believe in tombstones, as they felt they were too ostentatious. Yet, Francis and his wife have a shared stone. Maybe their children decided to place a stone anyway, or maybe it was within their wishes.

Anyhow, Arena married Jesse Beach, and they died in Macon County, Illinois, he in 1854, and she in 1860. Arena did remarry a man named Lodgen between the deaths of her first husband and her own.

Arena’s parents were Francis Mendenhall and Mary Albertson. They were both born in 1790, Mary in North Carolina, and Francis at the Springfield Meeting House in Guilford County, North Carolina. They died in Huntington County, Indiana, Mary in 1864, and Francis in 1865.

Francis’s parents were Moses Mendenhall and Betty Thomas. Moses was born in 1767 at the New Garden Meeting House in Guilford County, North Carolina, and Betty was born in 1770 at the Piney Grove Meeting House in Richland County, South Carolina. They both died at the Springfield Meeting House in Guilford County. Francis was 15 when his father died, and 21 when his mother passed. Maybe something happened in North Carolina, or after he moved to Indiana with his wife, that caused him to break away from the Quakers.

The rest of the Mendenhall line is well-documented, and easily found online. Moses Mendenhall’s father was also Moses Mendenhall, and that Moses’s parents were Mordecai Mendenhall and Charity Beeson, two prominent Quaker families. The Beeson and Mendenhall families came to America and first settled in Chester County, Pennsylvania where Mordecai and Charity were born. After they married, they moved to Virginia first, before pushing on to North Carolina.

Another interesting bit of trivia is that a female Mendenhall in this line married a Milhous, and they had a daughter who married a Nixon. This is where Richard Milhous Nixon got his name. Lots of fascinating stuff to read through on this line!


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