Travels Through Virginia, 2013 – Part I

Virginia is a truly beautiful state, and I love seeing it, again.

This trip, we stayed right along the mountain ridge (following Hwy 81) almost from one border to the next.

Between our two families, we have many genealogy links following that ridge, and we are grateful that there is such an excellent road connecting them all as we drive South to North.

We started in Washington County, where we found the burial site one of Travel Buddy’s patriots: James Snodgrass.

From there, we hit Montgomery County, Botetourt County, Augusta County… so amazing to walk where our ancestors walked. Most of these counties were 1700s to early 1800s, so our families lived there some time ago!

In Charlottesville, Albemarle County, I visited the county archives, but before long, shrugged my shoulders and left. The family I was researching, my Wood family, is one of the most recent we researched in the whole state…Sarah was born in 1813, and I have found two siblings: Ransom and Eliza/Betsy. Sarah married Hezekiah Collins in 1832, and soon after, they moved to Lewis County (now part of West Virginia). But who were her parents? Although the archives had a great deal of information on the Wood families, I just could not narrow down all the possibilities. As I finally told one of the docents there, “I don’t know enough to be here.” I’m hoping to change that down the road, and return to the archives again, one day, better equipped to learn more about my specific Wood ancestors.


4 thoughts on “Travels Through Virginia, 2013 – Part I

  1. Ah, Virginia, my beloved home state. I’ve never wanted to live anywhere else, and many of my ancestors were born here as well. I think the area you visited is one of the most beautiful.

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