Indiana Travel Pics

One of my favorite things when traveling through unfamiliar territory is the discovery of familiar things…just not where I pictured them.

High in this category would be the Battle of Tippecanoe. I remembered from history classes the famous slogan “Tippecanoe and Tyler, too,” from the presidential campaign of William Henry Harrison and John Tyler, and I even remembered that the nickname “Tippecanoe” had come to Harrison from his significant contributions at the Battle of Tippecanoe. But beyond that I’ve always been vague about any other details. Who fought in the Battle? Where did it take place?

I was therefore really excited to spot the Tippecanoe Battlefield on our atlas right along the route we planned to take into Indiana! Wait, the Battle of Tippecanoe was in Indiana?? Evidently so. I had always had some vague understanding that the Battle had taken place “on the frontier” somewhere, but somehow didn’t translate that into there being an actual site in existence, today.

The battlefield still exists…a quiet land area with huge trees that apparently still have some old bullets in them. It’s not far from town or the freeway, but the peacefulness of the site is wonderful.

Indiana 1 Indiana 2

A couple pictures of the William Henry Harrison monument at the Battlefield of Tippecanoe.

Plenty of controversy regarding this Battle exists, from whether it was truly a tactical victory over the Native Americans who may have simply run out of ammunition, to whether it actually led to the Battle of 1812 with the British shortly thereafter, but regardless of how you view the Battle politically, it’s still nifty to come across a site connecting to those history classes of so long ago.

And in Indiana?? Who knew?!

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