Snodgrass Family Genealogy

Snodgrass Family Genealogy

Travel Buddy’s great-grandmother was Mary Snodgrass. She was born in White County, Tennessee in 1855. She married James Dibrell and died in Coleman County, Texas in 1935. James died in 1890, leaving Mary to raise six children alone. She did so, not only serving as the first Postmistress in the county, but she even went back to school and got her chiropractor’s license much later in life.

Mary’s parents were David Snodgrass, Jr. and Elmira Holford. David was born in White County, Tennessee in 1829. Elmira was born in Tennessee in 1837. They married in White County, Tennessee in 1854. We had a terrible time tracking these two down. For the longest time, we weren’t sure where either of them ended up. David served as a Captain in the Confederacy for Tennessee, and was on the losing side at the Battle of Fort Donelson, in Stewart County in 1862. Taken prisoner, he suffered greatly in the awful prison conditions, and even though he was traded, he still had a long stay in the hospital. His regiment was in Mississippi, so he was transferred to a hospital in Yazoo. When the regiment moved on to Clarke County, he was moved to Enterprise, Mississippi, but he never got well. The doctor monitoring his condition recommended he be released from the Army, and five days after, David died, in 1863. Meanwhile, Elmira evidently moved with the rest of the family first to Guadalupe County, and then to Coleman County, Texas, but as she remarried, we did not know where to find her. She is buried with the rest of the family in Coleman County.

David Jr.’s parents were David Snodgrass, Sr. and Mary Ann Johnson. David was born in Washington County, Virginia in 1790, and Mary Ann was born in Virginia in 1793. They married in 1811, Washington County, then moved to White County, Tennessee, where they died, Mary Ann in 1832, and David in 1865. David married three times, and had a total of 21 children.

David Sr.’s parents were James Snodgrass and Ann Long. James and Ann were both born in Botetourt County, Virginia, James in 1762, and Ann in 1766. They married in Washington County, Virginia in 1781. James served as a major in the Revolutionary War, most notably at the Battle of King’s Mountain. James died in 1828, and Ann died in 1848, both in Glade Springs, Washington County.

If you are related to this line, let me know. Travel Buddy would love to hear from you!


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