Travels Through Indiana, 2013

Indiana is one of those quirky places you never knew existed, until you go.

I have been to this state a few times, mostly in an unsuccessful attempt to find out more about my family that ended up here.

I actually have a number of family lines (Cave, Kearby) that ended my direct line in Indiana, and one that moved on west from here (Damewood).

I even have several direct ancestors who died here:
Thomas Cave
Elizabeth Medford Cave
John Cave
Sarah Kearby Cave
Henry Damewood
Elizabeth Rader Damewood
Priscilla Campbell Kearby
Richard Kearby
Nancy Dean Kearby

That’s a LOT of direct lineage in one area…and they helpfully passed away in three closely linked counties, too: Dubois, Orange, and Jennings.

Unfortunately, even though I know almost exactly where they are buried, almost isn’t quite good enough.

One is buried on private property, and cannot be accessed.
Five I could not locate, no matter how hard I tried, within the locations of their towns.
Three I did locate, and I feel grateful for those three successes.

I still have more research on a few other lines, but these are the ones I’ve spent the most time with. Libraries didn’t yield anything, so it’s back to the Internet for awhile.

At least as far as Indiana is concerned!

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