Scarborough Family Genealogy

Scarborough Family Genealogy

This family line is especially near and dear to my heart. My grandma was a Scarborough, and her father, George Clark Scarborough, was born in Dover, Stewart County, Tennessee in 1875. He was a farmer in northern Arkansas, and owned his own tomato canning factory at one point.

George’s parents were John Oscar Scarborough, Jr. and Louisa Dashiell. John was born in Stewart County, Tennessee in 1842, and Louisa was born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1849. They married in Davidson County (Nashville) in 1871. Louisa died in 1883, and Oscar reportedly died in 1937, but I don’t have confirmation for either death, and I don’t have a location for either, although some family trees state Louisa died in Stewart County, Tennessee. But I have no proof for death dates or locations.

Oscar fought in the Battle of Fort Donelson for the Confederacy, and was captured as a prisoner along with hundreds of others. This is the battle where U.S. Grant earned the nickname “Unconditional Surrender.” Oscar worked after the war as a painter.

Oscar’s parents were John Oscar Scarborough, Sr. and Emily Richards. Both were born in Stewart County, Tennessee, John in 1818, and Emily in 1823. They married in 1841 in Stewart County. John worked as a plasterer. John and Emily both died in Stewart County; John in 1885, and Emily in 1889. They are buried in Dover City Cemetery.

John Oscar Sr.’s parents were John William Scarborough and Sarah Bosworth. Both were born in 1781; John in Brunswick County, Virginia, and Sarah (Sallie) in Montgomery County, North Carolina. They married in Montgomery County in 1803, then moved to Stewart County, Tennessee with the rest of the family. John William ran a tavern out of his home, and laid out the streets of Dover, along with another man. Sallie died in 1822, and John died in 1837. Both are buried in Dover City Cemetery.

John William’s parents were James Monroe Scarborough and Mary Andrews. Both were born in Brunswick County, Virginia, James in 1753, and Mary in 1755. They married in Brunswick County about 1780. James was a circuit-riding Methodist preacher, and moved with his family to Montgomery County, North Carolina in 1785. They then moved on to Stewart County, Tennessee in 1804. James died there in 1847, and Mary died sometime after that. I do not know where either is buried.

James’s parents were John Scarborough and Rachel Johnson. They were both born in Brunswick County, Virginia, and both died in Montgomery County, North Carolina, although dates are sketchy for births, marriage, and deaths for them. John evidently did some work as a surveyor, and while he did not serve as a soldier in the Revolution, there may be evidence that he contributed to the cause with money and goods provided.

I am hoping to uncover a little more on the Scarborough family this summer. But either way, just visiting the areas where they lived is enjoyable.

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