Minnesota Travel Pics

Minnesota 1

This is a view out our trailer door at Ham Lake. (The tree in the foreground is not as close as it looks.) Unfortunately, it doesn’t show off the greenery of the trees and ferns as well as I had hoped.

Minnesota 2

One of many, many lilac bushes blooming everywhere. Truly gorgeous.

Minnesota 3

We couldn’t very well drive in and out of Minnesota without stopping by Spam City, USA. This museum was really a great experience…and I don’t even like Spam. The place was really well laid out, with historical references and a video to watch, and a guy came by a couple of times with different Spam flavors to try. I did finally admit the bacon-flavored one is pretty darn good. By the way, the museum is totally free.

One thought on “Minnesota Travel Pics

  1. Lilac trees / bushes always remind me of my grandmother. She had a huge lilac tree in her front yard. I love their smell and they are beautiful to look at.

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